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Why Flip?

What are the benefits of a FlipTree?
Christmas tree set-up no longer needs to be the “bah, humbug” of the season.

  • Just roll the FlipTree™ into place, Flip, add the top, plug, and …Voila…the halls have all but decked themselves!  Time to bring on the ornaments!
  • This year, put up the tree all by yourself­­, in just minutes.
  • Santa wants an easy set-up FlipTree™ for Christmas this year! He hates the hassle of his old artificial tree—a heavy box of limb sections wrapped in a spider’s web of electrical cords.  Now Santa gets his wish, a FlipTree™ that he can set up in minutes, without throwing his back out!
  • Bid goodbye to tricky alignment, heavy assemblies, awkward ladders, and tangled webs of electrical cords.
  • Once set-up and locked into position, the FlipTree™ is stable and secure.
  • A Flip Tree carries its entire weight on the wheeled base so gone are the days of hefting heavy trees around the house. Leave the heavy, confusing box of heavy tree limbs and wires on the naughty list where it belongs.
  • It does not require the strength or dexterity of sectional trees such as difficult alienments, heavy assemblies and spider webs of electrical cords.
  • Amazingly, the FlipTree sets up or stores in 60 seconds!
  • A FlipTree stores in a natural position so easy on the tree and even easier on the tree owner!
  • A FlipTree stores in a collapsed form with limbs down so the weight is low to the ground.
  • It’s fun to set up your FlipTree™.  It rolls out of the closet on wheels and easily rotates so the branches fall perfectly into place.  Then just put the top on and connect its two light plugs.  All the other lights are already connected to the main cord that you simply plug in the wall outlet.
  • When not in use, the FlipTree™ stores in its protective bag, upside down with the limbs tight to the trunk.
  • Take the “haul” out the holidays!  The FlipTree’s rolling stand makes it easy to move from inside a closet or garage and position exactly where you want it.
  • What gives the FlipTree™ its name and makes it so fun and unique?  Simply Flip the tree upside down.  Gravity will cause the limbs to fall down and out, leaving the tree perfectly upright!  Put on the tree’s top, connect two lights plugs, and you are ready to decorate!
  • The FlipTree™ navigates on rollers so adjustments are easy to make, including decorating the back of the tree!
  • Simple storage: just roll into a closet, storage room, or garage.
  • Stair climber back wheels make heavy lifting a thing of the past!
  • Compact storage: Branches collapse downward and fit easily under the storage cover.

How does it work?

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