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Customer Service and Product Support


"Your questions and concerns are important to me.  As FlipTrees Customer Service Coordinator I take your questions and concerns very seriously.  I know you are setting up your FlipTree during the busiest time of the year, and I pledge to help you in any way I can with both short-term and long-term solutions."


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"With over a decade in customer service work I know how important it is to you to get your FlipTree up and beautiful! Whatever your concern, from damage to the tree that occurred in shipping to how to get the FlipBag on properly for storage, please give me a call or send me an email."



While it is rare that Flip Trees are damaged during shipping, occasionally tree parts can be damaged while in route to your home. The following guide is designed to help you with any problems you may encounter. Short Term Solutions are to help you get your tree up so you can enjoy your Flip Tree this Christmas without the hassle of making unnecessary phone calls or returns. We have also provided Long Term Solutions in the event that our Short Term Solutions do not completely resolve your problem.

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  • Front wheel looks bent
  • Wheel is broken
  • One of the wheels won’t roll
  • Foot Pedal is broken
  • FlipIndicator is broken or turns
  • What if my hinge breaks
  • Latch is Broken or Safety Strap won’t buckle
  • Bracket is bent
  • I broke the red handle off when I Flipped the tree
  • Tree Doesn’t Flip Properly
  • What if limbs get caught during Flipping?
  • What if lights don’t come on?
  • What if the tree is crooked?
  • Can I turn tree to decorate the back?
  • Can I tilt tree to take the top off and on?
  • Should I lock the wheels?
  • Should I use the safety strap or latch?
  • Should I use the Flip lock handle?
  • Can I climb stairs?
What is best way to move tree?
  • Moving tree when displayed
  • Moving tree when ready for storage
Why use a Flip Bag? Please Note: For the following points, Flip Tree is not responsible or involved in the production of the tree itself and offers all comments related to decorating your tree as a suggestion only in an effort to maximize each customer’s satisfaction.
  • What if there are gaps in the branches on the tree
  • Should I shape the tree branches and tips?
  • One of the limbs on my tree is broken

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